Editor in Chief: Henry Jacob

Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Henry (he/him) is a senior in Saybrook majoring in History and pursuing a Certificate in Spanish. Henry’s scholarly interest lies in Panama. He is conducting research on Panama’s role as a cynosure of imperial designs across centuries and empires. Now that Henry cannot travel to the archives, he has made his parent’s third floor his academic garret. When not meeting writing deadlines or responding to emails on the YHR account, Henry tries to convince his mom and dad to adopt a COVID cat. Henry promises that he will be diligent in cleaning the litter box.

Co-Managing Editor: Grace Blaxill

Grace is from Princeton, NJ and is a junior in Pierson. As a Classics and English major, she studies how languages offer insight into the cultures which produce them. She’s also an aspiring writer.

Co-Managing Editor: Jisoo Choi

Jisoo is a junior in Davenport from Ellicott City, Maryland. Her research interests include contemporary art history and postcolonial theory. Her favorite hobby is trying green tea-flavored snacks.

Editor-at-Large: Esther Reichek

Esther Reichek (BR ’23) is a Classics major from Seattle, WA. Her research interests include antiquity, classical reception, and intellectual history. She likes grammar.

Co-Executive Editor: Louie Lu

Louie Lu (BR ’23) is a prospective History and Classics major hailing from Vancouver, Canada. His academic interests encompasses many aspects of the humanities, but he holds an obsession with the history of classical antiquity and the long 19th century. Personally, Louie believes that the French Revolution is the most important and possibly one the greatest moments in all of human history. Thus, it comes as a surprise for his friends that he is a self-avowed monarchist.

Co-Executive Editor: Daniel Ma

Daniel Ma (BF ’23) is from New York City. His interests include historical geography, Native American History, Chinese History, and ancient history/archaeology. In his spare time, he enjoys composing music.

Co-Treasurer: Lane Fischer

Lane Fischer MC ‘23 grew up in rural Ellis, Kansas where he lived and worked on his family farm. Lane is interested in American history and politics, with a focus on the American community.

Co-Treasurer: Kelly Zhou

Kelly Zhou is excited to be a part of The Yale Historical Review team. In addition to history, she is deeply interested in interdisciplinary work and is majoring in Computing and the Arts with a concentration in graphic design. Along with computer science and fine arts, she loves exploring a variety of disciplines and art fields, including music, film production, and ornithology.

Co-Director of Humanities Now: Morgan Baker

Morgan (she/they) is a senior Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major in Jonathan Edwards College. Her academic work explores how marginalized Americans have employed alternative spirituality as a means of negotiating the disappointments of citizenship, and asks further how we might use embodied spiritual practices to imagine a more just world. In addition, Morgan is a yoga teacher, an inspired home cook, and a member of the Whiffenpoof Class of 2021!

Co- Director of Humanities Now: Marcus McKee

Marcus is Junior in Trumbull College from Chevy Chase, Maryland. His main research interest is in pre-Industrial history, especially Edo Japan. In his free time, he enjoys going on bike rides.

Co-Director of Humanities Now: Lica Porcile

Lica is a senior double majoring in History and Political Science, so she is very interested in political and legal history, as well as the history of social movements. She was born in Brazil, but lived many years with her family in Chile before coming to Yale. While she loves Netflix documentaries and historical fiction series, her guilty pleasure is reality tv (she watched all of Selling Sunset in a day).

Managing Editor of the Directed Studies Project: Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson is a sophomore in Grace Hopper College from Orange County, CA. Her research interests include Russian and Eurasian history, national identity formation, and disinformation and propaganda. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing.

Director of Annales Yalensis: Jeremy Sontchi

Jeremy is a senior (Class of 2021) in Trumbull College from Hockessin, DE. He is a history major specializing in military history; his senior thesis being written this year will examine the evolution of performative gender in post-revolutionary Connecticut. Jeremy’s primary research interests concern the intersection of gender, economic, and military history to examine how the stresses of war impact and shape social and economic power structures in the modern world. Alongside these private research interests, he also works as a research assistant for the Yale Nile Initiative examining the interactions between civil conflict and climactic disruption in Ptolemaic Egypt. Outside of academia, Jeremy can often be found in the kitchen, where he particularly enjoys bread making and cake decorating, hiking with his dogs, or playing quizbowl.

Senior Editor: Nathalie Beauchamps

Nathalie is a senior in Jonathan Edwards college at Yale. She is a political science and economics double major and has a love for the French language, which took her to Paris in the spring of 2020. Her academic interests center around the educational achievement gap in America which is the central focus of her thesis. Her favorite things to do at Yale include playing violin for the Davenport Pops orchestra, going on runs, lounging on cross campus with friends and, ironically, studying abroad. She’s also proud to be serving as a first-year counselor during her last year here.

Senior Editor: Fiona Benson

Fiona Benson is a Junior in Saybrook College, majoring in American Studies. She is interested in women’s history, formations of political parties, and the history of music and theater. She is also a member of The New Blue a cappella group!

Senior Editor: Mathis Bitton

Mathis Bitton is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College studying philosophy and political theory. Hailing from Rabat, Morocco, his research interests include modern intellectual history, French and British political history, Jewish history, and African-American history. Mathis loves playing French Tarot, and began a collection of French Tarot-decks at the age of 12.

Senior Editor: Daniel Blatt

Daniel is a senior from Washington, D.C. He lives in Silliman College and is majoring in History and Classical Civilization. While Daniel is not reading Tacitus or Thomas Jefferson, he enjoys birding, running, skiing, traveling, and walking his goldendoodle, Jackson.

Senior Editor: Lydia Burleson

Lydia is a senior English major at Yale, with an interest in American class-focused literature. She hopes to complete a writing concentration in nonfiction and is passionate about exploring and combatting the boundaries of classism in America. Fun fact: Lydia has driven 24 hours cross-country from her rural hometown in Texas to New Haven two times (and hopes to never do it again!).

Senior Editor: Ale Andres Campillo

Ale Andres Campillo (They/Them/Theirs) is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College from Los Angeles, California. Pursuing a double major in Theater Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Ale has performed in over a dozen productions all the while leading intercultural protests to amplify BIPOC & Transgender voices in the arts. Their thesis is looking to explore Latino history through the lens of sonic resistance in the late 20th early 21st pop music industry. As a proud first generation Mexican-Cuban American, you can catch Ale cooking Latinx food at La Casa Cultural where they used to work as a student coordinator. Ale recently released independent original music on all streaming platforms in August 2020 and is deeply infatuated by Lorde, Empress Of, and ABRA (they may have run a fan account for Lorde at one point).

Senior Editor: Serena Cho

Serena is a senior double majoring in Humanities and Ethics, Politics & Economics. She is interested in exploring ways to cultivate a healthy public sphere and how journalists can contribute to that endeavor. More broadly, she studies political communication, the role of the media and the function of public language. Serena also enjoys reporting and serves as the managing editor of the Yale Daily News.

Digital Director: Rodrigo Chousal Cantu

Rodrigo is an international sophomore from Mexico in Pauli Murray College. He is currently studying Computer Science as well as Architecture. He listens to all kinds of music in his spare time.

Senior Editor: Gage Denmon

Gage Denmon is a senior in Timothy Dwight majoring in Comparative Literature with a focus on the Russian language and was raised in the swamps and pine forests of Southeast Texas. Hoping to understand just how well creative writing can represent consciousness and the human psyche, Gage's primary area of interest is the intersection of literature and psychology, particularly in the works of Dostoyevsky and Southern Gothic fiction. On the side, he has a passion for learning about the development of political and philosophical ideologies and how they changed the material, cultural, and psychological environments they occupied. When he’s not reading, Gage spends his time outdoors, either lounging under a tree or rock climbing.

Digital Director: Rebecca Goldberg

Rebecca Goldberg is a senior English major who loves graphic design and writing science fiction. She has designed for dozens of publications and small businesses, and works as an assistant curator at the Beinecke Library. The thing she misses most in quarantine is live concerts, but she's currently trying to make up for them by learning electric guitar.

Senior Editor: Emma Gray

Emma Gray is a senior in Saybrook from New York City. She is interested in both religious and intellectual history. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and playing with her puppy.

Senior Editor: Meghanlata Gupta

Meghanlata Gupta (Morse College) is a senior majoring in Ethnicity, Race & Migration from Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a citizen of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, her research and organizing work focuses on Indigenous histories, archival practices, and storytelling techniques through journalism. One fun fact is that she recently adopted four comet goldfish and has enjoyed setting up their new home.

Senior Editor: Jacqueline Hayre-Pérez

Jaqueline Hayre-Pérez is a senior from Boston double-majoring in Political Science and Religious Studies. She is writing her RLST thesis on U.S. military chaplains and her PLSC thesis on the ethics and efficacy of negotiating with terrorists. She remains president of Yale Students of Mixed Heritage, which bridges all four (now-remote) cultural houses. Before the pandemic, she contributed to the New Haven community through RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Student Education), New Haven Legal Aid, and No Closed Doors. Her hobbies include an affinity for medieval warfare, and she is proficient in (roughly) six types of medieval European weapons. It is no surprise that she was a walk-on to varsity fencing and a member of club archery at Yale. Someday, she would be eager to combine her horseback-riding and spear-throwing experience to have a whack (literally and figuratively) at a real jousting quintain.

Senior Editor: Sharmaine Koh

Sharmaine Koh (Silliman College '22, History) hails from sunny Singapore, so it's no surprise that she kindles a keen interest in East and Southeast Asian study, as well as conflict studies. Outside of the YHR, she is an armour officer in the Singapore Army and also Co-President of the Malaysian and Singaporean Association at Yale. Sharmaine is also currently part of STAND at Yale, where she marries her academic interests with her belief in the need for historical justice, women's and human rights. She also loves to play soccer, sing and explore nature, and cannot live without at least 2 cups of kopi o kosong a day (black coffee, no sugar, in Singaporean speak).

Senior Editor: Eva Magyar

Eva Magyar is in Davenport college in the class of 2022. She is from London, UK, and is a history major specializing in European history. Eva loves theatre and ballet.

Senior Editor: Alexandra McCraven

Alex is a senior in Jonathan Edwards from Cheshire, CT. She is interested in the impact of slavery on modern systems and societal relations in the United States. She is also a member of the women’s soccer team.

Senior Editor: Mary Clare McMahon

Mary Clare McMahon is a senior history major in Ezra Stiles College. Her research focuses on early 20th century Cuban history, but she is also interested in postcolonial political history from across the Global South. Her favorite TV show is The Office and her favorite food is ice cream.

Senior Editor: Miranda Papes

Miranda is a senior in Pauli Murray College. She is from Frisco, Texas and enjoys researching France and German involvement in World War II. In her free time, Miranda also enjoys traveling the world to scuba dive among some of the most famous reefs.

Senior Editor: Brian Reyes

Brian Reyes is a senior in Berkeley College majoring in History. He is interested in race, capitalism, and politics, especially concerning the rise of neoliberalism since the 1970s. His senior essay discusses the racial politics of labor organizing in post-1975 New York City. During his time at Yale, he has done research at the University of Chicago, currently conducts research as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, and has worked on several legislative and community campaigns with the state advocacy organization Connecticut Students for a Dream.

Senior Editor: Matthew Sáenz

Matthew is a senior in Davenport College from Riverside, California majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology. When he's not conducting RNA biology research, he's particularly interested on American intellectual history and religious studies. Fun fact: he is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Mexican!

Digital Director: Emma Sargent

Emma Sargent is a junior in Trumbull college who is originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Since coming to Yale she has taught as a Community Health Educator, performed with Danceworks, and joined The Globalist’s layout team. She is a Humanities major, and she loves to read.

Senior Editor: Varun Sikand

Varun Sikand is a junior in Branford College from Colts Neck, New Jersey studying History and Philosophy. He is most interested in political theory, intellectual history, and the ancient world. Outside of class, Varun enjoys golf, watching hockey, and playing chess.

Senior Editor: Mary Tate

A native of Vladivostok and Auckland, Mary Tate is a senior pursuing a joint BA/MPH degree in History of Science, Medicine and Public Health, and in the Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases. Mary's academic interests lie in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region. Her previous research has focused on labor migration, people living with HIV, and injecting drug use in post-Soviet spaces. Apart from research, Mary also volunteers with the Community Health Care Van and New Haven Syringe Service.

Senior Editor: Alvin Winston

Alvin is a Senior in the History department. He studies American history with a focus on the history of black people in America. Before Yale, Alvin was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. With his mom serving as a teacher and many of his early childhood memories being created in public school buildings, he is deeply passionate about improving the American education system. After graduation, Alvin hopes to earn his JD/PhD with the aspirations of serving as a professor.

Senior Editor: Isabella Yang

Born and raised in the historical city of Nanjing, China, Isabella came to the U.S. at the age of fifteen and has been residing on the East Coast ever since. She is a senior in Saybrook college, and, because of her background, has always been interested in the history of cross-cultural exchanges between East Asia and the Western world. She double-majors in History and History of Art, and recently has been focusing her studies on the material culture of maritime trade in the early modern period. One fun fact about her is that during the coronavirus pandemic, she became part of a team in Yale's History of Science & Medicine department that built a website called "Epidemic Histories," and wrote two articles on historical folklore and propaganda elements in visual representations of pandemics - themes she otherwise would have never explored before!

Deputy Editor of Military History: Yuhan Kim

Yuhan Kim (Berkeley, Class of 2023) resides in Hudson, Ohio. His primary research interests are Military and Political History, particularly relating to the Napoleonic Era and European History from 1618-1918. In his spare time Yuhan enjoys running, reading, painting miniatures, and occasionally dabbles in the dark arts of card magic.

Social Media Chair: Maya Ingram

Maya is a sophomore in Morse college from Roanoke, Virginia. Her favorite areas of history include American colonial history and Russian history. In her free time, she loves painting to Bob Ross.

Deputy Editor of the Directed Studies Project: Katie Painter

Katie is a sophomore in TD from Stow, MA. Her research interests include the history, language, and culture of the Classical world. She has solved almost 2000 New York Times crosswords to date!

Deputy Editor in Military History: Noah Robinson

Noah Robinson is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles from Bangor, Maine. His interests include Ancient Greece and Rome, and he is an avid fire dancer.

Deputy Editor: Kevin Xiao

Kevin Xiao is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College. Growing up just outside Philadelphia with all its history, he fell in love with American political history, especially the early American republic. Outside of remote classes and endless Zoom meetings, he loves kayaking.

Contributing Editor: London Johns

London is currently at home in Chicago, Illinois on a gap year. When they aren't writing or ranting about Shakespeare, you can find them reading poetry, playing the flute, or poring over the letters of whichever Romantic poet they admire at the moment. They are excited to officially start at Yale next fall.

Contributing Editor: Daevan Mangalmurti

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daevan Mangalmurti is a first-year and likely EP&E major in Trumbull College with a specific interest in South Asia. He’s excited to be on-campus and exploring Yale this semester. When he’s not staring at a Zoom screen, Daevan can often be found loudly debating the merits of dining hall food with friends.

Contributing Editor: Isabella Smeets

Born and raised in New York City, Isabella Smeets is a freshman in Morse College planning to double major in Classics and History. Isabella’s last research project delved into an Austro-Hungarian diplomat and his Latin translation of the Persian poems of Hafez. Isabella enjoys going for bike rides, writing creatively, and spending time with her family and friends.

Associate Editor: Chloe Adda

Chloe Adda is a Junior at Yale University where she is simultaneously pursuing her bachelor's and master's degrees in Political Science. Her studies are primarily centered around law and human rights. When she is not writing for YHR, she can be found volunteering, taking a hike with friends, or drinking lots of coffee.

Associate Editor: Nadean Alnajjar

Nadean Alnajjar (she/her) is a junior in Jonathan Edwards, majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, with the intent to study medicine. From Brooklyn, New York, she is interested in exploring the history of medicine in the United States, particularly as it pertains to minority groups. Nadean loves languages: she has studied Spanish for nine years, and is currently learning Arabic.

Associate Editor: Rachel Blatt

Rachel Blatt is a sophomore in Silliman College from Washington D.C. She is majoring in history and is interested in American, European, and Middle Eastern history. In her free time, Rachel loves to knit sweaters.

Associate Editor: Joe Boland

A sophomore History major in Ezra Stiles, Joe Boland is currently a Research Assistant at the Program in Grand Strategy as well as within International Security Studies at Yale. A native of Washington, D.C., and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, he has spent time working for Georgetown University, National Defense University, the Aspen Institute, and the Department of Justice. At Yale, he is the Vice-President of the Sophomore Class Council and is a Senator on Yale’s College Council. In the end, his academic interests lie within questions of self-autonomy, territorial sovereignty, international relations, and economic development.

Associate Editor: Jared Brunner

Jared Brunner is a junior in Pauli Murray College from Fairfield, New Jersey. He is majoring in philosophy, and enjoys studying medieval literature and intellectual history. In his spare time, he can be found writing poetry, fixing vintage cars with his brother, or spinning records with his roommate.

Associate Editor: Calvin Chai-Onn

Calvin is a sophomore in TD from Newport Beach, CA. At Yale he studies political science and history, with a special interest in political theory, medieval Europe, and American legal history. He enjoys telling anyone who will listen why the Star Wars prequels are not that bad.

P&D Consultant: Lee Chen

Lee is a sophomore in Branford College majoring in computer science and studying design. She is passionate about making technology intuitive and accessible for people of all ages and educational levels. When she is not designing, she would be at the beach, looking for baby sea turtles or little crabs. Outside of YHR, she is involved with YHack and Y Fashion House.

Associate Editor: Aurelia Dochnal

Aurelia (ES ’23) is an East Asian Studies major interested in the Chinese intellectual, literary, and religious traditions. At Yale, she does research in the East Asian Languages and Literatures department, writes for China Hands magazine, and works at the Yale-China Association. In her free time, she loves meditating with the Yale Buddhist Sangha. A fun fact: Aurelia is learning Sanskrit this semester!

Associate Editor: Emilia Fernández

Emilia Fernández is a history major from San Francisco interested in social change and social movements. Emilia is in Benjamin Franklin college and enjoys painting and hiking when not studying.

Associate Editor: Sadikshya Ghimire

Sadikshya is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in political science and pursuing a Certificate in Spanish. She hopes to become a concentration major focusing on race, ethnicity, and politics and plans to study civil rights or human rights law in the future. Outside of YHR, she is involved with YULAA and the South Asian Society.

Associate Editor: Julianna Gross

Julianna Gross is a sophomore in Davenport College from Olney, Maryland. She is most interested in studying 20th and 21st-century literature. Even though she is an English major, she plans to pursue a career in medicine!

Associate Editor: Zachary Groz

Zachary Groz is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College, double majoring in History and Classics. His research interests include early modern intellectual history and Atlantic history. Outside of the Review, he is an associate editor at the New Journal.

Associate Editor: Alex Halberstam

Alex Halberstam is a junior in TD from Ann Arbor, Michigan! She is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Alex loves to run, sit outside, learn new things, and explore New Haven’s many parks. She works with the Health Justice Lab at the School of Medicine, researching the relationship between incarceration, communities, and health. On campus you can find her exploring, playing trumpet in the Davenport Pops Orchestra, talking about voter registration with the Yale College Democrats, or tutoring with the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project.

Associate Editor: Ava Hathaway-Hacker

Ava is a rising junior from New Haven majoring in History and the History of Art. On leave for‌‌2020-2021, she is interning remotely doing museum work. In her free time, she enjoys collecting‌‌old books, drinking seasonal teas, and attempting to keep her last remaining desk plant alive.

Associate Editor: Margaret Hedeman

Margaret Hedeman ’23, from Concord, Massachusetts, is majoring in History on the World Economy tract. She is particularly interested in the effects of globally significant economic events.

Associate Editor: Julia Hornstein

A New Yorker born and bred, Julia is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles double majoring in History and English. In addition to the Yale Historical Review, Julia serves as a Print Associate Editor and Head Communications Director for the Yale Politic and also leads incoming first-years on FOOT trips. When she isn’t running late for her history seminar, you can probably find Julia working the ski lifts, reporting on rodeos for the Jackson Hole News&Guide or walking her two dogs with her twin sister. While quarantining with her family this past spring, Julia perfected her chocolate chip cookie recipe (and only burned two batches in the process).

Associate Editor: Iman Iftikhar

Iman(she/her/hers) is a Sophomore in Morse College double majoring in History and Economics. On campus she is involved with Yale Debate Association, Yale Women's Center, and the South Asian Society to name a few. In her free time Iman likes to make long-winded lists of ideas she can write about which occasionally surface in her work with the Yale Daily News and The Politic, put together quarantine outfits or fuss over how much she misses home cooked meals on campus.

Associate Editor: Nick Jacobson

Nick Jacobson, Trumbull '23, is from Lewisburg, PA. He has written on health in 20th-century Southeast Asia and honor in the early modern Germanic states. Occasionally, Nick likes to tell stories.

Associate Editor: Aaron Jenkins

Aaron Jenkins is a Junior from Anchorage, Alaska. A student in Saybrook College, he studies modern imperial and colonial history, and plans to follow a career in public defense. He dreams to one day have a Five Star Island in Animals Crossing.

Associate Editor: Sarah Li

Ruoqi Li (Sarah) is a current junior at Davenport College majoring in Comparative Literature. Her academic interests include French and Russian literature of the 19th century, and she is passionate about studying languages. In her spare time, she is most likely to be found hanging out with her cat, playing minesweeper or trying to cook.

Associate Editor: Cynthia Lin

Cynthia Lin, a sophomore in Pierson College, is a prospective Literature and Comparative Cultures Major. She is interested in researching Chinese history and its connection to the tensions between the East and the West. She is from Boulder, Colorado, but loves to spend most of her free time indoors drinking tea and reading or watching Chinese dramas.

Associate Editor: Frank Lukens

Frank Lukens is a junior in Ezra Stiles College from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is currently excited about modern European imperial history and how it impacted the world. He also loves art history and the history of his family's home country of Guatemala. Frank cannot live without cherry yogurt or Yorkside's addictive Mozz Sticks.

P&D Consultant: Ziming Mao

Ziming is a sophomore at Yale college majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy. He was born in China and studied in Singapore for secondary and high schools. He is interested in software engineering, intellectual history, and astrophotography.

Associate Editor: Charlie Mayock-Bradley

Charlie (he/him/his) is a sophomore in Pierson College from Lexington, Virginia, hoping to major in Political Science and Spanish. Outside of his work with the YHR, he volunteers as a tutor with Bridges ESL and works on the Immigrant Rights Project of the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association. Although Charlie isn't living on campus this year, you might be able to spot him going for runs around New Haven or coming out of any of the city's many coffee shops - if you do, feel free to stop him and say hi!

Associate Editor: Endure McTier

Endure McTier is a junior Saybrugian from Atlanta, Georgia. She is interested in the lives of leaders throughout history, with a regional emphasis on France and Russia. Outside of school, she enjoys movies by Nolan, Anderson, and Tarantino as well as traveling and learning about new cultures.

Associate Editor: Daniyal Mirza

Daniyal is a sophomore in Saybrook College double majoring in History and Biology. Though he currently resides in Indiana, Daniyal was raised in Saudi Arabia and is very interested in the history of the MENA region and colonialism. He hopes to better understand the region of his childhood through his undergraduate education. Outside of the classroom, Daniyal is a FOOT Leader, an active member of the Dwight Hall SRI Fund and the Yale Muslim Student Assocation, and a Premier League aficionado.

Associate Editor: Hubert Pach

Hubert is a Junior at Yale studying History and Economics, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is in Saybrook. His research interests include Ancient Societies, Late Antiquity, and Medieval Eastern Europe. When he's not reading about the Augustan era, he enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and screenplays.

Associate Editor: Valerie Pavilonis

Valerie is a junior from the South Side of Chicago studying English. When she's not doing her class readings, she's writing for the Yale Daily News about Yale's administration, working out, painting or figuring out new ways to make smoothies. Valerie historical interests lie in religious and military history, and she thinks pre-industrial Russia is quite the interesting time period.

Associate Editor: Cecile Ramin

Cecile is drawn to the concept of freedom. From the post Civil War Reconstruction Era to De Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’, she is continually intrigued by what it means to different people and the different ways it is achieved. She was born and raised in London, although her parents are American (from Oregon) and French (from Paris and Martinique). She is a sophomore in Pauli Murray and a likely English and/or History major. When not studying you might find her baking something overly complicated or trying to learn how to roller skate.

Associate Editor: Nicholas Rice

Nick is a sophomore in Pierson College from Sydney, Australia. He is an English and Philosophy double major pursuing certificates in French and Chinese. His research focuses include legal philosophy; contemporary critical theory; comparative French, English, and Chinese literatures; historical geography and political economy; and Jewish theology. Nick is an amateur lexicographer and began compiling dictionaries as a teenager.

Associate Editor: Emiliano Salomón

Emiliano is a junior from Los Angeles studying philosophy. He is a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow researching the link between aesthetic philosophy and conceptions of race in early 20th century Mexico, especially as it relates to mestizaje. Beyond The Yale Historical Review, he participates in Bridges. In his free time, Emiliano can be found listening to music and watching Youtube.

Associate Editor: Maayan Schoen

Hailing proudly from Atlanta, Georgia, Maayan is a sophomore in Davenport, major yet to be determined. She is interested in studying the Civil Rights movement, as well as genocides of the 20th century, especially the Holocaust. Maayan was fortunate to spend a gap year in Israel, where history is very much alive and part of daily happenings. From there she visited concentration and death camps in Poland, which is something she can’t really bring up in that many other forums but always wants to talk about. She also likes to talk about things other than genocide.

Associate Editor: Meera Shoaib

Meera Shoaib is a junior in Benjamin Franklin college. Research-wise, she enjoys learning about empire and nationhood –– she has lived in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, and am particularly interested in the concept of a “national character”. A fun fact: back home, she has three parrots who attend most meals and know enough words to add to the conversation.

Associate Editor: Gabrielle Sevillano

Gabrielle is a junior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in history. Her research centers on the Atlantic world, particularly the colonial Caribbean. Outside of academia, she enjoys playing the viola in the Davenport Pops Orchestra, reading, and enthusiastically championing her latest nerdy hyperfixation.

P&D Consultant: Lance Tan

Lance is a Yale University student studying computer science in the simultaneous BS/MS program. He's a rising senior from Edison, NJ and is currently taking a gap semester. Fun fact: in middle school, Lance was once attacked by a monkey (fortunately, both the monkey and Lance survived).

Associate Editor: Dexter Webster

Dexter is a sophomore in Davenport College hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is planning to double major in History and Economics. Outside of the YHR, he serves as president of the Yale Chess Club, is a member of Yale Club Tennis, and helps as a peer tutor in the Economics Department. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, playing board games with his suitemates, and doing some late-night reading in Bass Library.

Associate Editor: Yassi Xiong

Yassi Xiong is a junior in Pierson. She is from Beijing, China and is interested in quantitative history research and forgotten histories. One of her first languages was Finnish, but she forgot every single word of it and will forever live in regret... unless?

Copy Editor: Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton is a first-year in Timothy Dwight College from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In high school, she enjoyed doing historical research and creating documentaries for National History Day competitions. She placed second at nationals last year and won Ken Burns‘ Next Generation Angels Award. In her free time, she enjoys twirling baton and making new friends!

Copy Editor: Ellie Burke

Ellie Burke is a Silliman first-year originally from Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up with a historian for a mother, family dinners at Ellie's house revolved around the successes and failures of the French Revolution, and car rides to soccer practice were spent analyzing the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation. Having harbored this family-mandated love for history her entire life, Ellie was eager to join the Yale Historical Review as soon as she arrived on campus. When not working for the YHR, Ellie enjoys singing, acting, seeing her dog Heidi over FaceTime, and binging episodes of Parks and Recreation with friends.

Copy Editor: Rosemary Chen

Rosemary is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin College. Born and raised in Shanghai, she spent her past two years at a 12th-century castle in Wales, United Kingdom. Rosemary is a prospective History and Political Science double major, with deep interests in intellectual history, cultural history, political theory, development and peacebuilding. In her free time, she enjoys making various kinds of bubble tea, baking, hiking and growing plants and flowers.

Copy Editor: Lucy Gilchrist

A native of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Lucy is a first year in Morse interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary major that combines her deep interest in the biological sciences and humanities. Lucy is especially curious about the intersection of science and religion, the rapport between mind and body, the psychology of saviorism, and cycles of cultism in American history. During COVID times, Lucy became a budding plant mom, allowed her sourdough starter to dictate her schedule, and developed an affinity for Gregorian chants.

Copy Editor: Gamze Kazakoglu

Gamze Kazakoglu is a freshman at Pauli Murray, planning to major in psychology and history. She was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. There, she volunteered in various historical foundations, which investigates the Ottoman, Mediterranean, Turkish culture, society, and history. As she’ll go online for the semester, Gamze is trying to find ways to reduce her screen time right now. Unfortunately, her decision of obtaining Directed Studies books in the pdf version didn’t turn out to be a nice one.

Copy Editor: Tiana Luo

Tiana Luo (Ezra Stiles '24) has experience in nonprofit organizations, startups, and economics education in the Chicago area. She is looking to major in economics and study wealth inequality. Tiana is a fan of great books and timeless music, and is always up for a conversation about religion, Russian literature, and/or reptiles.

Copy Editor: Michelle Medawar

Hailing from South Orange, New Jersey, Michelle now calls Jonathan Edwards college her new home. She intends to major in history and she is hoping to participate in the Education Studies program. Michelle plans to focus on Middle Eastern history and she is especially interested in exploring the role of religion in the region. She also has a keen interest in archives and is looking forward to spending lots of time in the Beinecke library over the course of the next few years. When she's not thinking or writing about history, Michelle enjoys listening to great music, watching hockey, and hiking.

Copy Editor: Matthew Meyers

Matthew Meyers is a first year student in Berkeley College. Born in Boston MA, he has lived for the last sixteen years in southwestern Connecticut. He is particularly interested in American history, especially that of American government. He has researched Roger Sherman’s contributions to the Constitutional Convention and his skill in forging compromise. Aside from history, he enjoys playing sports, biking, board games, and simply spending time outside.

Copy Editor: Judah Millen

Judah is a first-year in Pierson from rural Northern California planning to major in Classics or History. He is interested in intellectual and political history and literature. When not doing his DS reading, he can be found trail running, drinking coffee, and debating.

Copy Editor: Lucas Miner

Lucas Miner is a first-year student at Silliman College. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he graduated from the Ransom Everglades School in 2020. Lucas has been a lifelong student of history. He is particularly interested in military history and the lessons history contains for the future. Lucas’ passion for history drove him to participate in quizbowl events during high school, culminating in a television appearance on the 2019 Jeopardy Teen Tournament. Aside from reading history, Lucas also enjoys practicing the piano, playing sports, and spending time on mountains (whether it be climbing them or skiing them). He plans on majoring in East Asian Studies and Political Science.

Copy Editor: Caroline Parker

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Caroline is a freshman in Branford College. While she is undecided about her major, Caroline is interested in history and languages. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, and traveling (and she cannot wait until it is safe for her to go somewhere new).

Copy Editor: Aryan Seghal

Aryan is a first year in Pierson (thinking about) majoring Economics and Math. The question, "where are you from" makes him very nervous: as he has lived in 5 different states, 4 different countries, across 3 different continents. Aryan is hoping to pursue interests related to international affairs. When Aryan isn't catching up on his Directed Studies reading for finishing math problem sets, he enjoys participating in unproductive debates about the nature of basically everything.

Copy Editor: Rachel Sragovicz

Rachel is a freshman in Timothy Dwight college and is a prospective history major. She is originally from San Diego, California and spent a gap year living in Israel. Her primary interest within the scope of history is military history, but is looking forward to broadening her interests through future classes. When not in online class, Rachel enjoys anything that involves nature and going outside. She is very excited to be starting Yale and the YHR.

Copy Editor: Tianyi Wang

Grew up in Shenzhen, China, Tianyi Wang is a freshman in Trumbull, but he is enrolling remotely this fall. Tianyi has a wide range of academic interests, humanities and STEM alike, of which he is particularly passionate about history, economics, and data science. Wherever Tianyi travels, he has the compulsory need to visit the local museum if it has one. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Tianyi bought five plants at a time and put all of them into his study: he now has to water them every day, which has become one of his major sources of relaxation.

Copy Editor: Zahra Yarali

Fatemeh Zahra Yarali is a first-year student in Silliman College. She enjoys watching biopics and listening to classic film scores, and she considers cooking and baking two of her favorite creative outlets. As an Iranian-American Muslim woman who lives in rural Kentucky, Zahra is dedicated to uprooting the structures within our country’s social systems that continue to define our identities by false ingrained narratives. In her academic pursuits, Zahra hopes to study Humanities and Cognitive Science to better understand the modern and historical human condition from as many perspectives as possible.

Co-Managing Editor Emerita: Oona Holahan

Oona Holahan is a senior English Major from Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on Modern Poetry, with a particular interest in the work of Elizabeth Bishop. She loves studying literature and has recently developed an interest in Food History.

Co-Managing Editor Emerita: Sally Ma

Sally Ma, Pauli Murray ’21, is from Shanghai. She curated the inaugural exhibit of Center for Women’s History at New-York Historical Society. Her research on Betty Friedan won the Negley Prize.

Treasurer Emeritus: Christopher Sung

Christopher is a senior history student in Grace Hopper College and a proud native of Montgomery County, Maryland. At Yale, his research interests include both intellectual and East Asian history. With the guidance of Professor Valerie Hansen—for whom he has now worked two years as a research assistant—Christopher plans to write his undergraduate thesis on the controversial historiography of the Ming treasure voyages. His inquiry will focus primarily on British author Gavin Menzies' pseudo-academic, and yet commercially successful research on the maritime journeys of Chinese explorer Zheng He and seek to answer questions regarding the public's willingness to adopt dubious information against scholarly consensus. When at home, Christopher enjoys hikes at the Shenandoah Valley and visits to local Civil War battlefield parks. He lives with his mother and thirteen-year-old brother.

Graduate Student Mentor: Eva Landsberg

Eva Landsberg was a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Historical Review in 2016-17. After graduating with a history degree in 2017, she worked in early childhood education policy before returning to Yale in 2019 as a Ph.D. student in the History Department. Her research centers on Early America and the broader 17th- and 18-th century Atlantic world, but she welcomes questions from undergraduates in any field about graduate programs or careers in history.

Senior Thesis Edition Advisor: Ivano Dal Prete

Ivano Dal Prete’s research explores various aspects of the interaction of science, religion and society between the late Middle Ages and the early 19th century. His first book (2008) reconstructs the scientific culture of the Venetian mainland in the 18th century, focusing on social and political repercussions of local controversies on the history of the Earth and on human generation. He has since published numerous articles on early modern embryology, scientific communication networks, and on the visual and material culture of 18th- and early 19th-century astronomy.

Senior Thesis Edition Advisor: Fabian Drixler

Fabian Drixler teaches Japanese history. He is particularly interested in cultural history and historical demography, approaches that converge in his dissertation, Infanticide and Fertility in Eastern Japan: Discourse and Demography, 1660-1880 (Harvard 2008). This study charts the rise and destruction of a premodern society in which couples raised only two to three children. Highlighting the role of contingency and individual agency in demographic history, it connects population patterns with changing understandings of human life, political space, and the nature of time.

The Stacks Advisor: Basie Gitlin

Basie Gitlin ’10 has served as Director of Development for Yale University Library since 2015. He holds a B.A. in history from Yale College, where his senior essay on the subscription book trade in America was awarded four prizes, and an M.Phil. in early modern history from Pembroke College, Cambridge, where his dissertation examined English philanthropy for the colonial-era Harvard and Yale libraries. While building an academic focus on book history in college, he worked as a curatorial assistant at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library and catalogued Americana for the William Reese Company. He is an avid collector himself, focused on books and manuscripts relating to the history of Yale and the history of books, libraries, and printing.

The 1701 Project Advisor: Ferentz Lafargue

Dean Lafargue is a native of Haiti and grew up in New York City. Along with being a devoted #NBAtwitter follower and bibliophile, Dean Lafargue is the author of Songs in the Key of My Life. His writing has appeared in such venues as 215mag, Americas Quarterly, The Huffington Post, Next American City, Social Science Research Council and Social Text: Periscope.

Thumos: Katja Lindskog

I hold a joint appointment in the Department of English and the Humanities Program. My current research focuses on the ways in which we can contextualize British nineteenth-century literature within the onset of the Anthropocene era and the present-day climate crisis, particularly through our past and present relationship to fossil capital in its many forms. Broadly speaking, I am hoping to expand the parameters for what constitutes useful ecocriticism in the study of Victorian literature and culture.

YHR Mentorship Program Advisor: Mark Peterson

Professor Mark Peterson, a specialist in early North America and the Atlantic world, joined the Yale History Department in July 2018. He earned his Ph.D. in History at Harvard University, and taught previously at the University of Iowa from 1998 to 2007, and at the University of California, Berkeley, from 2007 to 2018, where he was Chair of the History Department from 2015-2018. His most recent book is The City-State of Boston: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Power, 1630-1865 (Princeton University Press, forthcoming 2019), and he is also the author of The Price of Redemption: The Spiritual Economy of Puritan New England (Stanford University Press, 1997).

Senior Thesis Edition Advisor: Carolyn Roberts

Carolyn Roberts is a historian of early modern medicine. Her research and teaching interests broadly concern medicine, race, and slavery in the Atlantic world. Her current book project, To Heal and to Harm: Medicine, Knowledge, and Power in the Atlantic Slave Trade, is the first full-length study of the history of medicine in the British slave trade. The project studies the pharmaceutical and medical labor performed by a largely unknown group of African and British women and men, both enslaved and free. Roberts’ research has been supported through numerous fellowships and awards—most recently from the John and Elizabeth Armstrong Fellowship, the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, and the Consortium for the History of Science, among others. She holds degrees from Harvard University, Andover Newton Theological School, and Dartmouth College.

Senior Thesis Edition Advisor: Edward Rugemer

A historian of slavery and abolition, Ed Rugemer grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated from Fairfield University in 1993. He received his doctorate in History from Boston College in 2005 and joined the faculty at Yale in 2007. His first book The Problem of Emancipation: The Caribbean Roots of the American Civil War (Louisiana State University Press, 2008) explores how the abolition of slavery in the British Caribbean shaped the coming of the American Civil War. The book won the Avery Craven Award from the Organization of American Historians for the most original book on the Civil War era; the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Prize from Yale University; and was co-winner of the Francis B. Simkins Award of the Southern Historical Association for the best first book in southern history.

Rally Point Advisor: Edward Wittenstein

Edward (“Ted”) Wittenstein is Deputy Director for Leadership Programs and a lecturer at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Ted also serves as Executive Director of Yale’s Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy, a foreign policy studies program founded upon the donation of Dr. Henry Kissinger’s papers to Yale. A lecturer in Global Affairs and Law, Ted teaches undergraduate, graduate, and law courses on intelligence, cybersecurity, and national security decision-making.