We are no longer accepting submissions to our Spring 2021 Issue. Please check back in October for information about submitting to our Fall 2021 Issue.

We welcome works from any institution, on any historically relevant topic; the only subject requirement is that the paper takes the past seriously.

All pieces must meet the following guidelines:

  • Papers must have been written for an undergraduate class or undergraduate supervised independent study for credit (Recent graduates may submit work written prior to graduation).  Graded papers must have received the equivalent of an A.
  • Limit of one submission per student per semester.
  • Submissions cannot have been previously submitted to the Review nor previously published anywhere.
  • Submissions must be at least twelve double-spaced pages long. There is no limit to the length.

Each essay chosen for publication is edited by a team of professors and undergraduate editors.

Please send your submission to yalehistoricalreview@gmail.com with the subject line “Essay Submission.” Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Your name, college, and year
  • The class and professor for which the paper was written
  • Date on which the paper was submitted to the class
  • Your e-mail address

Because we read submissions anonymously, please remove your name and all identifying details from the file of the essay itself. We look forward to reading your work!