Fall 2020 Issue

Fall 2020 Issue

“From the Cape of Bona Speranza to the Streights of Magellan:” A History of the East India Company’s Tripartite Sovereignty

Written by Zach WallisPrimary Editors: Matthew Saénz and Varun SikandSecondary Editors:Jared Brunner, Calvin Chai-Onn, Margaret Hedeman, and Sharmaine Koh MingliTable of ContentsPart I: Historiographical Concerns                                                                   Part II: Genesis, 1600-1621                                                                             Part III: Ascendancy, 1621–1719                                                                   Part IV: Qua Sovereign, 1719-1765                                                                Part V: Deletion, 1765-1773                                                                          Part VI: Conclusion AbstractThe English, and later, British East India Company,...

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