The 1701 Project

The 1701 Project is a venture led by The Yale Historical Review (YHR) that analyzes our university’s and our nation’s racist histories. Although not affiliated with The 1619 Project, we draw inspiration from Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues’ examination of slavery’s legacies in the New York Times. In June 2020, we launched an ongoing program at the YHR, providing a space for repressed narratives at Yale and beyond.

The 1701 Project

The Effect of Geography on Economic Development: Evidence from Colonial-Era Kelantan State in Malaysia, 1909-1919

By Renee OngEdited by Aurelia Dochnal '23, Michelle Medawar '24, and Rosemary Chen '241. IntroductionIt could not have been easy for W.A. Graham. As the first and only top British representative responsible for Kelantan’s administration before it was officially colonized, his strong belief that the Malaysian state was ripe for economic exploitation often...

La Oscuridad: Revealing the History of Blackness in Spain and its Impact on Modern-Day Spaniards and Black Migrants

By Chasia JeffriesEdited by Iman Iftikhar '23 and Endure McTier '22 IntroductionAfrican people were some of the first occupants of the land we currently understand to be the country of Spain; they even occupied and ruled the country for centuries. However, when one looks at the current condition of the country, this historical past is...

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