The 1701 Project

The 1701 Project is a venture led by The Yale Historical Review (YHR) that analyzes our university’s and our nation’s racist histories. Although not affiliated with The 1619 Project, we draw inspiration from Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues’ examination of slavery’s legacies in the New York Times. In June 2020, we launched an ongoing program at the YHR, providing a space for repressed narratives at Yale and beyond.

The 1701 Project

“Sole and Separate Use”: Marriage Settlements, White Women & Enslaved People in Antebellum Virginia

By Zarina ImanEdited by Lizzie Bjork '21 and Zahra Yarali '24 Often mentioned in current popular culture, prenuptial agreements may seem a modern construction, but in fact, they have long existed in American society. Before and after the Revolutionary War, much of the American South operated under the English common law system. As such, Virginians...

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