Mission Statement

The 1701 Project is a venture led by The Yale Historical Review (YHR) that analyzes our university’s and our nation’s racist histories. Although not affiliated with The 1619 Project, we draw inspiration from Nikole Hannah-Jones and her colleagues’ examination of slavery’s legacies in the New York Times. In June 2020, we launched an ongoing program at the YHR, providing a space for repressed narratives at Yale and beyond.

We recognize and regret the ways in which American historical accounts and education have failed the Black community by neglecting—even refusing—to tell their stories. History has too often been told by and for those of privilege. Much work remains to be done to publish the words of those who have been marginalized and silenced.

However, our outrage and alliance are not enough; we must commit our words to action. As a historical journal, we must assume our particular duty to share forgotten stories with our readers.

We also seek to broaden this discourse beyond New Haven. Indeed, every institution of higher learning has its own troubled past. To extend this conversation across campuses, we have allied with over 20 publications across the country. Above all, we dedicate The 1701 Project and our broader initiative to confronting and connecting our shameful past to the present. Only then can we start to create a better future.

Fugitive Slave Advertisements in the Antebellum South:A Conversation with Dr. Shaun Wallace
Interview and transcription by Zoe Bernicchia-FreemanAugust 14, 2021 Dr. Shaun Wallace is a social historian of the eighteenth and nineteenth century United States. His research examines transatlantic slavery, with a particular focus on fugitives and fugitivity in the Antebellum South. He was awarde…
“I was the force of that.”: Florynce Kennedy’s Involvement in the Miss America Protests of 1968 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
By Chinaza Asiegbu Originally published in July 2021 as part of Intersections, a joint issue of The Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal (NURJ) and the YHR. IntroductionSince 1921, the Miss America pageant had been cherished as the pride of American beauty and womanhood—but this was not the …
The Effect of Geography on Economic Development: Evidence from Colonial-Era Kelantan State in Malaysia, 1909-1919
By Renee OngEdited by Aurelia Dochnal ’23, Michelle Medawar ‘24, and Rosemary Chen ’241. IntroductionIt could not have been easy for W.A. Graham. As the first and only top British representative responsible for Kelantan’s administration before it was officially colonized, his strong belief that the …
Boldly Marching Forward: Black Men and the Coal Creek War
By Andrew BilodeauEdited by Sarah Li ’22 and Lucy Gilchrist ’24 “Although the mines are guarded,The miners true and fair,They mean to deal out justice,A living they declare.The corruption of BuchananBrought the convicts here,Just to please the rich manAnd take the miner’s share.”[1]The
The Colony of the Urban Ghetto: The Geopolitics of the Black Panther Party’s Development
By Allison LauEdited by Cynthia Lin ’23 and Tiana Luo ’24 By the mid 1960s, Oakland’s predominantly Black urban ghettos, like others across the nation, represented to many Black radicals the “concrete inner city jungles of Babylon”, as a metaphor to describe how the American state openly terrorized…
La Oscuridad: Revealing the History of Blackness in Spain and its Impact on Modern-Day Spaniards and Black Migrants
By Chasia JeffriesEdited by Iman Iftikhar ’23 and Endure McTier ’22 IntroductionAfrican people were some of the first occupants of the land we currently understand to be the country of Spain; they even occupied and ruled the country for centuries. However, when one looks at the current condition of …
Emancipation Centennial: Commemorating the Civil War in the Era of Civil Rights
By Alexandra TamvakisEdited by Leila Iskandarani ’22 and Philip Mousavizadeh ’24 IntroductionOn August 16, 1963, a few thousand visitors streamed through the doors of McCormick Place, a convention hall located near Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. As they entered the exhibition hall, they were gr…
Dependent or Delinquent: The Criminalization of Black Youth in Chicago’s Juvenile Justice System
By Emily BrowderEdited by Jisoo Choi ’22, Jack Antholis ‘24, and Esther Reichek ’23 At the turn of the twentieth century, the city of Chicago faced an acceleration in Progressive social reform in the face of social and political unrest. An influx of foreign immigrants combined with the rise in
“Sole and Separate Use”: Marriage Settlements, White Women & Enslaved People in Antebellum Virginia
By Zarina ImanEdited by Lizzie Bjork ’21 and Zahra Yarali ’24 Often mentioned in current popular culture, prenuptial agreements may seem a modern construction, but in fact, they have long existed in American society. Before and after the Revolutionary War, much of the American South operated under …
Violence and the Father of Modern Gynaecology: Experimentation on Enslaved Women in the Antebellum South
By Zoe Bernicchia-FreemanEdited by Gabby Sevillano ’22 and Isabel Kirsch ’22 In December of 1845, Dr. James Marion Sims performed his first experimental surgery on an enslaved woman named Lucy.1 Lucy suffered from a severe vaginal fistula which had left a sizable gap between her vagina and bladder. …
The Great Awakening: The Influence of the U.S. Occupation of Haiti on Black Transnationalist Cultural and Intellectual Discourse
By Marcus LoiseauEdited by Frank Lukens ’22 and Larissa Jimenez ’23 Kreyol pale, kreyol komprann. Que Dieu bénisse my country et le monde Abstract: This thesis demonstrates the legacy of the U.S. Occupation of Haiti through thedynamic historical scope of the Harlem Renaissance and Négritude…
Exploring Generations of Captivity: The Condemnation of African Healing Practices and Race in European Colonies
By Hannah ThompsonEdited by Fiona Benson ’22 and Esther Reichek ’23 IntroductionIn 1623, Paula de Eguiluz, a slave in the Spanish colony of Cuba, was accused ofapostasy, murder, and witchcraft; in the mid-eighteenth century, the enslavedDomingos Alvares of Portuguese-occupied Brazil was judg…
JELANI COBB: A Person of Conscience
Interview by Henry Jacob, SY ’21Transcribed by Rosemary Chen, BF ’24 Introduction: Born and raised in Queens, New York, Jelani Cobb completed hisundergraduate studies at Howard University and received a doctorate in Americanhistory from Rutgers University. He serves as the Ira A. Lipman Profes…
Plotting Power: Race, Class and Gender in Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age
Plotting Power: Race, Class and Gender in Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/plotting-power-race-class-and-gender-in-kiley-reids-such-a-fun-age-238624572] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Elizabeth Alexander on the intersections of identities
Elizabeth Alexander on the intersections of identities[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/elizabeth-alexander-on-the-intersections-of-identities] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Monumentality and Counter-Monumentality: How to Redress the White Social Legacy
Monumentality and Counter-Monumentality: How to Redress the White Social Legacy[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/monumentality-and-countermonumentality-how-to-redress-the-white-social-legacy] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Migration and Black Futurity
Written by Kenia Hale, SM 21′ Edited by Fiona Benson, SY 22′Cover Art by Kiera Hale, ig: @kierahaleart Since 1619, the story of enslaved, Black, forced migration has been ingrained inAmerican history. From the Underground Railroad to the Great Migration, movementhas been a key method to escap…
Anthropology for the World: A Conversation with Dr. Chip Colwell
Interviewed by Henry Jacob, SY ’21 Transcribed by Rachel Sragovicz, TD ’24 Dr. Chip Colwell is a leading educator and researcher. He serves as the founding editor-in-chief of SAPIENS, an online anthropology magazine accessible to a wide audience. Colwell received his PhD from Indiana University and…
Using “stories to make sense of ourselves:” An interview with Dr. Ellen Wu
Interviewed by Henry Jacob, SY ’21Transcribed by Yassi Xiong, DP ’22 Ellen Wu, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of History at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research, teaching, and writing interests focus on race and immigration in the United States. She is the author of The Color of Success: Asia…
Do No Harm or Doing More Harm than Good? – How Doctors are Contributing to Eating Disorders Among Black Women
Written by Polly Moser, Stanford 22′Edited by Fiona Benson, Yale 22′, Meghan Gupta, Yale 21′, and Mary Tate, Yale21′ For many, an image of the archetypal eating disorder patient is easy to bring tomind; she is female, White, young, and painfully thin. This image dominates allforms of media reg…
Timeliness and Timelessness in Zadie Smith’s Intimations
Timeliness and Timelessness in Zadie Smith’s Intimations[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/timeliness-and-timelessness-in-zadie-smiths-imitations] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Holistic Care: A Comparison
Written by Noah HumphreyEdited by Lucy Gilchrist, Meghanlata Gupta, Eva Magyar, and Gabrielle SevillanoAcknowledgments: With contributions from the Religious Studies Department ofWhittier College, the Orthogonian Society, and my Ionian Big Connie Morales”.With passion from Davon “Rico” Spillers …
Françoise Hamlin on “Paying the Favor Forward”
Françoise Hamlin on “Paying the Favor Forward”[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/franoise-hamlin-on-paying-the-favor-forward] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Inequality on all fronts: Rosa DeLauro on protecting communities during Covid and beyond
Inequality on all fronts: Rosa DeLauro on protecting communities during Covidand beyond[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/inequality-on-all-fronts-rosa-delauro-on-protecting-communities-during-covid-and-beyond-238685663] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
A Ballad and a Riot: Brooks’ Shift in Style and Her Exploration of a Budding Black Autonomy
Written by Lydia Burleson, JE 21′ Edited by Jisoo Choi, DC 22′ In the time before and during the Civil Rights Movement, Gwendolyn Brooks usedher poetry to explore the shifting concept of Black agency, specifically thef…
Camille Delaney-McNeil on “Music for Social Change”
In August 2020, Jisoo Choi sat down with Camille Delaney-Mcneil, Director ofPrograms with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra OrchKids. Jisoo Choi: Could you briefly describe what OrchKids does with respect to itsprograms and the impact it seeks to have? Camille Delaney-McNeil: OrchKids, in short, …
Rewriting History: Reworking the Black Panther Party’s Image
Written by Nadean Alnajjar, JE 22′Edited by Alexandra Halberstam, TD 22′ The Black Panther Party (BPP) only exists in our recollection today either as anevocation of the Marvel Universe’s Wakanda, or a radically militant Blackorganization from the 1960s. Representations of the BPP falsely charac…
We Should Support Black Businesses, But Full Racial Equity Will Require Much More: An Op-Ed by Brian Reyes
We Should Support Black Businesses, But Full Racial Equity Will Require MuchMore[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/we-should-support-black-businesses-but-full-racial-equity-will-require-much-more] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
“You Can’t Unknow:” A Conversation with Ashley Farmer on Inequality and Intellectual Production
“You Can’t Unknow:” A Conversation with Ashley Farmer on Inequality andIntellectual Production[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/you-cant-unknow-a-conversation-with-ashley-farmer-on-inequality-and-intellectual-production] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Interrogating White Nostalgia: Reflections on Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong
Interrogating White Nostalgia: Reflections on Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/interrogating-white-nostalgia-reflections-on-minor-feelings-by-cathy-park-hong] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Ida B. Wells and Her Fight for Positive Black Representation
Ida B. Wells and Her Fight for Positive Black Representation[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/ida-b-wells-and-her-fight-for-positive-black-representation] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Alexander Weheliye on desiring for a different world
Alexander Weheliye on desiring for a different world[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/alexander-weheliye-on-desiring-for-a-different-world] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
An Interview with Donald Byrd
A platform for students to interact with the past.
Festering: Amrita Chakrabarti Myers on the wound of racism
Festering: Amrita Chakrabarti Myers on the wound of racism[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/festering-amrita-chakrabarti-myers-on-the-wound-of-racism] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
The Statue of Liberty: A Buried Legacy
The Statue of Liberty: A Buried Legacy[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/the-statue-of-liberty-a-buried-legacy] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Visibility and Power: An 18th Century Conversation Piece
Visibility and Power: An 18th Century Conversation Piece[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/visibility-and-power-an-18th-century-conversation-piece] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy on how suburban spaces, sexism, and COVID affect the Black community
L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy on how suburban spaces, sexism, and COVID affect theBlack community[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/lheureux-lewismccoy-on-how-suburban-spaces-sexism-and-covid-affect-the-black-community] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Ripping off the scab: Edda Fields-Black on becoming an artist
Ripping off the scab: Edda Fields-Black on becoming an artist[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/ripping-off-the-scab-edda-fieldsblack-on-becoming-an-artist] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
Fugitive Spaces: Matthew Guterl on radical practices of history and citizenship
Fugitive Spaces: Matthew Guterl on radical practices of history and citizenship[//www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads/fugitive-spaces-matthew-guterl-on-radical-practices-of-history-and-citizenship] from YHRUploads [https://www.slideshare.net/YHRUploads]
An interview withJustin Farmer
Justin Farmer Interview[//www.slideshare.net/RodrigoChousal/justin-farmer-interview] from RodrigoChousal [https://www.slideshare.net/RodrigoChousal]